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New spring 2022 update of business databases in Spain

New spring 2022 update of business databases in Spain

Published: 12/05/2022

Our new Spring 2022 update (12/05/2022) of our databases greatly increases our Big data, as well as adding more business activities and many more potential customer contacts to our data catalog.

The recent update renews and adds much more business data from Spain to our database, now our clients will be able to count on a greater number of emails, telephone numbers, addresses, postal codes, websites, billing information, geoloc ...

New Autumn 2022 update of business databases in Spain

New Autumn 2022 update of business databases in Spain

Published: 07/01/2022

The veracity, integrity, reliability and updating of the data offered by Fullpowerdata constitute the fundamental pillars of all our business databases in Spain. The sole purpose is to provide our clients with the best quality data to help them achieve their objectives of interest.

Our last winter update of 2022 (07/01/2022) of our databases, invested much more our Big data, updating many more companies and business ...

Alternative software to subscription services for an email marketing campaign

Validación de emails

Published: 23/07/2021

Choosing a good software for managing an email marketing campaign is essential when efficiently exploiting the email contacts obtained by some type of medium (subscriptions, databases, social networks, etc.). Ultimately, the objective of the selected tool will be the construction, maintenance and improvement of the relationship of trust with customers.

In this context, although email marketing subscription services provide adva ...

New 2021 summer discounts from Fullpowerdata business databases

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Published: 01/07/2021

In this early summer of 2021 Fullpowerdata offers you the best discounts on the prices of our databases in Spain. No business database provider will offer you the discounts that we offer you in our data catalogs.

The discounts for this summer season for the acquisition of our business databases come in the range detailed below:

  • 12% discount on purchases from €200 to €500
  • 25% discount on purchases fro ...

Email marketing as a strategy to achieve business objectives

Validación de emails

Published: 28/06/2021

Advertising by email or email marketing is basically the sending of a commercial message directly through email. Directly allows communication between a company and its customers or potential customers

Each message sent to the client or potential client is considered as an email advertisement. As examples we can even cite messages that you have already received in your email inbox: