Data customizer - Activities

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I) Select the business sector and choose the activity that interests you.

II) Choose the data you want to buy.

Available data

Information of interest

The "Available data" table shows all the data that you can buy for the selected activity(s). When selecting a business activity or data, this list will be updated to provide you with detailed information on prices and counts of your selection.

The column "Free additional data" is data that is offered free to the customer for the purchase of the main data.

The data "Company name" is mandatory for any of the business activities.

In order for the “Available Data” table to provide you with correct information on Prices, Record Counts and Total Price of your selections, you must select at least one data, one business activity and one geographical area

If you want to see the detailed "Technical specifications" of the activity you want to buy (update date, prices, record counts, sample data, geographical area, etc.), click on the activity of your interest in the list of activities.