Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ("Terms") constitute a contractual agreement between you and FULLPOWERDATA, and remain the sole agreement governing your use of and access to the services and websites (collectively, the "Services").

This agreement takes effect as soon as you click "I accept the terms of service" when making a purchase. By accepting these Terms, or by accessing or using the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

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The FULLPOWERDATA services are provided as is. FULLPOWERDATA is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from your use and / or misuse of the services.

Illegal activity of any kind is not allowed through the services provided by FULLPOWERDATA

Prohibitions of products sold to the user

The copying and/or distribution of the FULLPOWERDATA databases is totally prohibited, being the buyer of our products through our website the only owner to make use of them.


Debit or credit card

You can pay your purchase orders directly through a debit and/or credit card, our Cybersource platform (a VISA payment solution) allows secure payment through debit and/or credit cards

You can find out about the VISA payment solution and its Cybersource platform here and your privacy policy


You can also make secure payments to purchase our products through the secure PAYPAL platform.

You can learn more about the PAYPAL payment gateway and its services policy and privacy

Database sources

All the sources of the databases offered by FULLPOWERDATA have a public origin from where they are collected, processed and validated for their offer to the end customer.

This process guarantees compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Delivery of the databases of purchased companies

FULLPOWERADATA has an automatic order generation system that guarantees the immediate delivery of the products purchased once the payment is made.

The delivery of products and/or services will normally vary between 1 to 30 minutes to process (depending on the volume). If for any technical reason this time is exceeded, Fullpowerdata will let the client know via email.

All orders are delivered via email, with detailed information on the product and / or service purchased.

FULLPOWERDATA disclaims any responsibility for the delay or non-delivery of the product and / or service, generated by a failure in the client's email servers or by wrong information in the email address provided. The customer can always contact support to solve these difficulties

The data offered free of charge by FULLPOWERDATA will be delivered to the client according to its availability and may change in quantity at any time without this representing a problem in the initial budget

Cancellations and refunds

FULLPOWERDATA does not issue refunds in any way under any circumstances, all sales are final.

Illegal activities

You agree not to participate in illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to: death threats, terrorist threats, threats of harm to any individual or organization, multi-level marketing schemes, "Ponzi schemes", invasion of privacy, organized crime, identity theft, defamation, slander and other illegal activities that could make use of our products and/or services

Identity fraud

You agree not to impersonate or assume the identity of any other person, living or deceased, or impersonate or assume the identity of any entity, whether legal or informal.

GDPR compliance

FULLPOWERDATA acts as a data controller when customers create an account for our products and/or services, and when customers complete payments for FULLPOWERDATA products and/or services. Personal data, including, but not limited to, name, email address, address, IP address, telephone number, and zip code. Customers acknowledge that FULLPOWERDATA will have the right to use and disclose related and / or obtained data in connection with the operation, support and / or use of the Products and/or Services for its legitimate business purposes, such as billing, account management, technical support. , product development. Insofar as such data is considered personal data under data protection laws, FULLPOWERDATA is the controller of such data and, accordingly, processes it in accordance with data protection laws. FULLPOWERDATA may process personal data originating in the EU in the United States. We offer a level of privacy protection that complies with EU standards. Upon becoming aware of a Security Incident, FULLPOWERDATA will notify Clients without undue delay and provide timely information related to the Security Incident as it is known or reasonably requested. At the request of clients, all personal data will be deleted.

FULLPOWERDATA no comparte ninguna información de compras con terceros.

Violation of laws

You agree not to participate in any activity that violates civil or criminal law, foreign or national, whether national, state or local.

FULLPOWERDATA may, in its sole discretion, immediately terminate FULLPOWERDATA's services for you, without notice, without reason and without refund or credit. You acknowledge, understand and agree that FULLPOWERDATA is not in a position to determine whether an alleged violation is real or valid, but must make a decision based on the information received from such third parties. You agree that FULLPOWERDATA's decision will be final, binding and binding on you.

Method of resolution of alleged violations under these Terms of Service

Once FULLPOWERDATA discovers an alleged violation of these Terms of Service, you will be notified and given a designated time to respond to the alleged violation. If you do not respond within the time provided, FULLPOWERDATA may, in its sole discretion, immediately terminate the services for you, without notice, without refund or credit.

Monitoring your use of the services

FULLPOWERDATA may monitor your use of the FULLPOWERDATA services. Such monitoring includes, without limitation, the following: the result of notification by third parties of a possible violation of these Terms of Service; To protect or enforce the rights of FULLPOWERDATA under the Terms of Service, these Terms of Service or Website Information refers to information published by FULLPOWERDATA on its website at

Acceptance of the Terms of Service

Your use of the FULLPOWERDATA website and / or the services offered confirm that you fully agree to these Terms of Service.

Changes to the Terms of Service

The Client agrees that FULLPOWERDATA, in its sole discretion, may change these terms without prior notice and that the Client will be kept informed of the Provider's Terms of Service for each and every change by regularly reviewing them on the Provider's website at: Continued use of the Services by the Customer after such changes constitutes consent to such changes.


Any breach of these Terms of Service is a breach of the terms between FULLPOWERDATA and you, and is subject to immediate termination, without refund, without notice, at the sole discretion of FULLPOWERDATA.